My art is priced at 16.00 USD per hour for personal artwork, and varies based on the level of detail you want your piece to be. I will give a quote free of charge after hearing your idea[s], and we can move on from there.
Art you wish to use commercially must be negotiated, it does not follow the 16/hr rule due to the larger scope of the project. Please e-mail me for inquires!
My turnaround time is based on my workload month to month, and will vary from two weeks to three months, depending. The client will be told beforehand when their art is to be completed.

A short table giving the general ranges for art, these are not guaranteed prices, but show you the ballpark before reaching out to me.
– A fully rendered piece with two full body characters, background, and shading, digital/traditional: $120 – $200 Average.
– A portrait, whether a pet’s or a character’s, digital/traditional: $90 – $120 Average.
– A portrait with simple shading or/and background: $60 Average