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13 Years of Strawberries!

Every year for THIRTEEN years, now, I’ve drawn a strawberry in celebration of Midsummer. Ironically, I think I’ve also used the same reference these thirteen years. Enjoy going back in time.


Yesterday was my birthday, and for it I was gifted a studio – an old bedroom/storage room in the attic. Over the last year or so my household chipped away at getting it back into usable space. With that done, I now have the skeleton of a proper art studio, a place for me to pursue various traditional arts and space for me to store all the supplies and other knickknacks I’ve accumulated.

For now, I’ve moved all my traditional art supplies into boxes and put them in the room, followed by going through and organizing the last few storage containers to see what is worth keeping. A desk, chair, and a couple shelves are in place for me to start out with.

In the long term, I hope to move another couple bookshelves into the room for help with organization, as well as hanging many prints, photos, and posters to the wall. I also want to repurpose my old laptop into a Linux Facebook Machine, something that will run a browser and not much else, so I can draw and communicate as needed. I’m very excited, this has been years in the making and I finally have space dedicated to my hobbies. I hope to branch out into sewing and airbrushing – something I haven’t done in over ten years, now.

What’s to Come

I’ve let this site sit pretty idle the last couple years, each time wanting to launch the ‘blog’ part when I hit certain milestones. I wanted to start it when my Studio was set up, when I had my online store gain some traffic, or when I was selling my art in a brick-and-mortar business. Sadly, all three of these didn’t come through, and so I figured it’s time to stop hesitating.

This blog will be used to show art I’m working on and discuss projects, opinions, reviews – anything, really, that I feel like talking about. Art will be posted here that isn’t posted on my Discord or my Twitter, so please add me to your RSS feed and get ready for regular postings from me!